We believe in clean beauty (without the compromise). So we scoured the market to find indie brands we believe in and ingredients we can get behind.

The Coveted Market Manifesto
(this is our promise to you.)

Our products are always:

Despite the endless evidence against toxic ingredients, major beauty brands are still putting them in their products. Not here. Not ever.
High Quality
You shouldn’t have to choose between clean and quality. So we found seamless switches for everything in your regimen.
Carefully Chosen
Researched and tested by our team, we believe in each brand, product, and ingredient that we have in stock.
The Ugly Truth
Everyday cosmetics and their ingredients have been linked to chronic health problems, immunity issues, and autoimmune diseases.

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, they don’t belong on your body.
The Beauty of Natural Products
We’re setting a new standard for beauty. A new standard for you. Because what you put on your body, effects what happens in your body.
Take It Personally
We do. We’re here to help you seamlessly switch to a non-toxic regimen. Reach out with any thoughts, questions, concerns. (Or just say hi.)